The husband-wife duo of Sanket Chopra and Shefali Agrawal Chopra prove to be true soulmates. With their enterprising personalities, they are forever looking for new territories to explore and accept new challenges.They are already entrepreneurs of projects related to the youth of today.As founding members of Ruff & Tuff ,they make sure that participants always want to come back for more; such is the experience they provide.


  • There Is No Age And Limit For Learning
  • Fill Your Life With Adventures Not Things
  • We Travel First To Lose Ourselves, We Travel Next To Find Ourselves

Our Mission

Ruff and Tuff emphasises on the spirit of adventure across all age group. It is important for the youth of today to come out of their sedentary lifestyles and take up outdoor activities .The lack of space in the modern lifestyles , pushes people towards various health issues. Sports and adventure camps like this keeps one fit active and disciplined.

Our Values:

Ruff and Tuff is not merely a fun and adventure camp. Irrespective of the age groups, the activities are so designed to as to inculcate the essential and sometimes forgotten values of team spirit, leadership qualities, punctuality, discipline, fearlessness, innovative, simplicity, and of course self-help.